1. BetterEd

The access to quality education is relatively poor in the underprivileged section of our society. This program focuses on working towards providing education and basic life skills along with shared focus on nutrition, hygiene and self-confidence to under-privileged, slum, village and special needs children.

BetterEd has two projects under it:

  1. Weekend classes
  2. Neev

Total number of children catered to as of January 2017: 575 children

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2. College Development

College Development works with various local colleges to change the pedagogy of teaching and aim to prepare college students for the professional world.

Total audience catered to as of January 2017: 400 children + 50 teachers

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3. CompleteEd

This program works with private schools to promote critical, divergent, creative thinking skills and application based learning and change the current system flaws related to rote memorization and creating technicians rather than thinkers or researchers.

Total audience catered to: 395 children and 10 teachers

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4. Prerak

Projects aim at bringing about holistic development in schools and remand homes by working with the teachers, students, administration (and parents).

Total audience catered to: 1095 children + 60 teachers + 880 parents

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5. Skillixir

Aims to work on soft skill development in underprivileged youth and children through different activities and social action projects and countering general issues that are faced by the slum/orphanage.

Total number of children catered to: 327 children

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6. InspirArts

Through our art workshops, we aim at teaching different art forms and techniques.

Total number of children catered to: 110 children

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7. RefugEd

RefugeEd is TIDE Foundation’s UK initiative (2017) that aims to work with refugees in the United Kingdom. RefugeEd aims to provide, support and develop educational opportunities for individuals and communities experiencing temporary or chronic displacement as a result of the ongoing refugee crisis. Also, to assist the communal integration of all the people displaced by the conflict by addressing the educational and social needs of displaced individuals.