Aims to work on uplifting the quality of education in institutionalized systems. Project aims at bringing about holistic development in schools and remand homes by working with the teachers, students, administration (and parents).

Current project(s):

Education Enhancement Program:

As compared to other contemporary education development models currently in progress which exclusively work with students, this model’s focus group is teachers, who would then reach out and impact the students thereby making it self-sustaining and more effective. Since teachers are the key players for the change we want to bring about in the society, we feel that in order to have a greater impact we need to work on improving teaching pedagogy. So in this way, in an indirect manner we would be touching upon lives of thousands of children.

We conduct a detailed audit of the school and venture into empowering the school itself. At the schools we not only conduct teacher training, but also workshops like anger management, team building, motivation and philosophy, along with academic planning, parenting, and life skills and remedial classes, with the teachers, parents and students respectively.

Total audience catered to: 1095 children + 60 teachers + 880 parents

Previous project(s):

This project was conducted at various sites like Gibpura, Shela Primary school, Girls Remand Home and Boys Remand Home. We took lectures on spoken English, Hindi and basic mathematical skills also covered values emphasizing on talking softly, behaving the way we want others to behave with us, respecting elders, honesty, and how stealing/thieving, hitting, abusiveness etc should be prevented. We also focused on inculcating life skills and basic literacy skills.

Total number of children catered to: 195