Through our art workshops, we aim at teaching different art forms and techniques. The workshops are meant to create awareness about integrating art as a subject for holistic learning. The program teaches students about the need to understand the creative thought processes. The workshops are focussed on honing the much needed attitude and polish the skills required for the creative processes.

The kids have created wonderful colourful greeting cards depicting the festive occasions of Diwali, Eid, Christmas and birthdays.

The workshop are also conducted for kids to understand and observe nature. They are designed to generate a thought process in their minds to imagine the forms, shapes, sizes and texture of animals and plants and come up with their own solution to build or create them from any material.

Previous Project(s):

The workshops were conducted at Gibpura, Yateemkhana and Lakshya International School sites.

Total number of children catered to: 110 children