This program works with private schools to promote critical, divergent, creative thinking along with application based learning and change the current system flaws related to rote memorization and creating technicians rather than thinkers or researchers.

The workshops are designed to enhance the creative and analytical thinking by giving them a hands on experience of leadership in small tasks designed in the form of various activities.

Current project(s)

This academic year we are planning on launching a Science Research magazine cum handout for high school students to promote interest in scientific research and methodology. The articles will cover cutting edge science and bring it to the level that a student who has studied basic sciences till the 8th or 9th grade could understand the same. The articles will be written by professors, professionals, PhD students and post graduates. The Designing and content writing is in process.

Previous project(s):

  1. Workshops like around the world, child labour, leadership at schools like Euro and Lakshya International.
  2. An independent research project was carried out by one of our members at JG International School. It aimed to study
  • the development process of various key thinking skills over key stage 2 and 3
  • The relation between academic performance and HOTS
  • The effectiveness of a Cross Curricular Model and
  • Develop strategies, teaching Learning Materials, teacher guides, and conduct teacher workshops to help students develop thinking skills.

Total audience catered to: 10 teachers and 395 children